Sep 2011

Mail orgainzation update

Quick update: After purchasing MsgFiler yesterday, I have filed 5609 messages! Wow. My Inbox is now officially clean and ready for business. If anyone has any AlphaBaby or BabyProof features or suggestions to send me, I can assure you I will most definitely see them, and reply quickly! :)

One tip for using MsgFiler, which I found in their support section, but not in the documentation, is that you can delete a message while in MsgFiler by using command-shift-delete. Definitely a must-have key combo when doing a major clean-out.

How should I organize my mail?

I’ve been investigating add-ons for Apple’s, looking for ways to help me better organize my Inbox. I keep coming down to a basic question: use tags or folders to organize messages? Then I discovered this paper from the University of Washington. Bottom line - they did a whole study, and their answer is still - “it depends”. So, in my grand quest to be better organized, it looks like I’ll be purchasing both MailTags and MsgFiler. Mail ActOn is intriguing too - might not rule out a triple purchase!

I’ll start out with MsgFiler, and see if I can truly make a difference in my Inbox with a bit more diligent filing.

(In looking for the link to the first paper, I discovered another paper from IBM Research on a similar subject. Who knew that email organization was a hot research topic?)
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