Butternut wait to update!

If you had been wishing for a wider range of fall vegetables to show up in Veggie Faces, then wait no more! Version 1.1 is in the Messages App Store now. In addition to new vegetables, there are new eyes and mouths, for an even greater range of vegetable expression. The eyes and mouths now scale nicely to the vegetable you choose - no more dangling grin on the skinny carrot, while the tomato and potato have lots of room for expressing their feelings.

Veggie Faces is still free, still in the Messages app store, and totally ready for Halloween and the fall season. Get your copy today!


Orange you pumped for Halloween?f9aff2922925a3c035490d00ca04fb16-stickerImpress your friends with a-corny veggie pun! 6658440fb416e141e5939ba082f99b4c-sticker Our vegetables are gourd-ous!

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