2: CocoaPods and 3rd Party code

Episode 2 is all about my adventures with CocoaPods, and a little bit about 3rd party code in general.

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All About CocoaPods

Why I now check in my CocoaPods:

Crazy big use of CocoaPods @ Artsy
Learned about how they worked from objc.io

Here’s their podfile on github:

Another great way to learn about new frameworks/modules/etc.
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Pop Culture Links
The Bone Season and the The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon  - great, atmospheric series set in an alternate London with clairvoyants.
Ok Go - Latest Album, or watch their amazing videos on YouTube
GarageBand [Mac|iPhone] - not really a game, but I’ve been having so much fun making short electronic beats, that it feels like a game to me!

1: Debugging with CocoaLumberjack

For a while now, I have wanted to start my own podcast, focusing on technical software development topics around iOS and Mac programming. That day is now here. I am posting the first episode of “Cavewoman Debugging”.

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Show notes:

Episode 1 - Debugging printfs and CocoaLumberjack


Useful C Preprocessor defines for debugging

My picks for the Week
Book - The Color of Magic (Discworld) by Terry Pratchett
Music - “The Worry List” by Blue October
Games - 7 Little Words by Blue Ox Technologies

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