3: Xcode Plugins

Episode 3 is all about Xcode Plugins


Just a note: New version of
BabyProof released recently!

Xcode plugins live here:
~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins

Plugins I mention on the podcast:

Xvim - gives you the VIM editor in Xcode text windows (not just code editing windows, but anywhere you’d edit text, such as in build phases)

ColorSense - takes any calls to UIColor and lets you bring up a color picker to change it.  Also shows a preview of the color when you are near the color.

ClangFormat - clean up your code according to various coding styles

VVDocumenter-Xcode - easy to add HeaderDoc style comments

Code completion for image names

QuickLocalization - convert a string literal into a call to NSLocalizedString

Find more packages with Alcatraz

Nice description of a few more plugins from Mattt Thompson

In a hurry?  Make your installed plugins work a new version of XCode without reinstalling (YMMV)

$ defaults read /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Info DVTPlugInCompatibilityUUID

Then, take the value returned and edit the Info.plist of your plugin to add that UUID to the list of compatible UUIDs.

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